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crisis to opportunity


our belief

In the past, Leaders aligned interests through coercion and persuasion. Being resource intensive, accumulating capital was the primary objective.


The rise of computational capacity along with the spread of the internet, has spawned new and interactive interfaces. Now, with more choices, stakeholders demand engagement. However, this kind of engagement, requires responsiveness. A dedication, to be present to evolving needs. A quality which is attention, and not capital intensive.


Realising this, industry pioneers have already begun creating such interfaces. Through this they have not only garnered market share, but more importantly, evolved their own industries.


our mission

Inspired by pioneers, corporate Leaders, are motivated to enrich the lives of stakeholders. However, most believe that growth is constrained by resources.


We partner with dedicated Leaders, to tap into the power of resonance.


In doing so, they are able to harness their resources to their fullest potential and so grow sustainably.


our insights

Sympathetic resonance is the life giving principle of nature. Vibrant organisations are naturally sustainable. 


We are inspired by the following Natural principles:

  1. Integrated quality, nurtures growth.

  2. Biophilia fortifies resilient relationships.

  3. Evolutionary adaptation delivers effectiveness.

  4. Alignment with Natural laws harmonises conflicts. 


By harmonising apparent conflicts, these principles gives our customers the unique perspective to see opportunities in challenges, investments in expenses and loyalties in transactions  By helping teams deliver more than the sum of their parts, it drives conversions, minimises churn, enhances loyalty and inspires innovation.


Like Nature, we too, are moved by concern for the well-being our clients, their customers and our community. Shared concern arising from the ‘collective unconscious’ animates us. Realising that customers’ expectations can only be fulfilled through collective effort, we advocate servant leadership.


our team

Our Founder is an highly accomplished management consultant with more than 25 years experience. Trained as an Engineer and MBA, he has close to two decades of experience in guiding large businesses in diverse segments of banking and financial services, automobiles, film media, telecommunication, wealth management, hospitality, jewellery, amongst others. Some of the Groups serviced by him include the Tata’s, Vodafone, Lafarge, Mahindra’s, Larsen & Toubro, SBI, Bharat Forge, Shriram, amongst others. 


Having shouldered responsibilities from front-line business development to relationship management and strategic advisory, he brings together a wealth of insights, gleaned from his own vast professional experiences.

What began as his own personal journey and a passion to help others  led to the birth of Resonant Ventures, a firm dedicated to corporate excellence. He has helped many Leaders to tap into their fullest potential by using resonance.

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